DABTD 005 – Getting On MY Last Nerves

Welcome to Dumb About Diabetes Episode 005


In this Episode Rick talks about –

  • How your habits can lead to pain
  • The Real Purpose of Pain
  • Pain as a Learning Tool
  • Signs of worsening Diabetic Nerve Damage
  • What body Systems are effected by continued High Glucose Levels
  • Reversing signs of Nerve Damage
  • Where your doctor’s responsibilities end and yours begins
  • Diabetes and Amputation
  • The Need to Routinely Inspect Your Feet
  • and much much more …

Links and Resources Referenced in This Episode –

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Northeast United States
Southeast United States
Ted-Ed Channel
Chronic Pain
Diabetes for Dummies
“Danger, Will Robinson”
“Warning, Will Robinson”
“How Do Nerves Work?”
“The Nervous System”
“When October Goes”
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