DABTD 004 – Tools of the Diabetic Trade

Welcome to Dumb About Diabetes Episode 004


In this Episode Rick talks about –

  • Why the “best laid plans” don’t always work
  • The New DABTD format
  • My method for dealing with medical advice
  • Why “tighter” budgets make sicker people
  • Why I sometimes talk as if everyone listening is a newbie
  • Why more doctors seem to be taking Medicare
  • Where your doctor’s responsibilities end and yours begins
  • Great tools to help manage your diabetes
  • Why you should have your own personal doctor
  • How to become your own best diabetec advocate
  • and much much more …

Links and Resources Referenced in This Episode –

Diabetes Type-2
Legally Blind
The a1c test
Search Engine
Diabetes for Dummies
“Focus on Diabetes” podcast
Glucose Informational Article
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