DABTD 006 – The Treat IS The Trick – A Relapse Revelation

Welcome to DUMB ABOUT DIABETES Episode 006


In this Episode Rick talks about –

  • Halloween – Then and Now
  • Relapsing or Lead Me Not Into Carb-tation
  • Getting More Focused
  • The Benefits of Discipline
  • Some Great Halloween Videos to Check Out
  • The Blessings of Being Prepared
  • Leading By BAD Example
  • and much much more …

Links and Resources Referenced in This Episode –

Low-Carb Diet
Jurassic Park Story
Jurassic Park Trailer
Jeff Goldblum
Crash Course
“How Sugar Affects The Brain”
“Sugar – Hidden In Plain Site”
“You Are What You Eat”
“Danger, Will Robinson!”
“Lady In White”
“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”
“The Peanuts Movie”
“Halloween Train” – Great Video!
“Hocus Pocus” – I Put A Spell On You (Great Halloween Movie)
“When October Goes” – Classic Video!
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