DABTD 007 – Back In The Habit Again

Welcome to DUMB ABOUT DIABETES Episode 007


In this Episode Rick talks about –

  • Catching up after a break
  • Updates to the website
  • Challenges with being easily distracted
  • Present glucose and A1C status
  • Possible episode length changes
  • Importance of constantly monitoring Type-2 Diabetes
  • The necessity of exercise
  • The struggles with establishing and maintaining healthy habits
  • and much much more …

Links and Resources Referenced in This Episode –

Cinnamon and Type-2 Diabetes
Apple Cider Vinegar and Diabetes
What Is the Placebo Effect?
What Does Lifestyle Mean?
Crash Course
“How Sugar Affects The Brain”
“Sugar – Hidden In Plain Site”
“You Are What You Eat”
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